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High-speed HTML and CSS workflow
Format JavaScript, HTML, and CSS files and related languages.
Brackets Git0.16.6496846
Integration of Git into Brackets
Brackets Icons1.5.7461001
File icons in Brackets' file tree.
Parse CSS and add vendor prefixes automatically.
Custom Work5.1.10382885
Create a bar at the top of each editor to manage them using tabs (drag & drop [file, path], information about the file in tooltip, change the current file with MMB) by adding icons for each file type, with a button for toggle sidebar, and another to see the list of tabs (button for flip view, button for edit File name, button for delete File, button and MMB for close File, add/retrive bookmarks by clickyng on gutter, and finally a button in ContextMenu for [Copy file path or directory path to clipboard, remove empty lines].
Indent Guides1.3.11333563
Show indent guides in the code editor.
Themes for Brackets2.0.14289605
Theme-pack that styles the whole editor!
Code Folding0.3.5273981
Brackets extension that provides simple code folding for files edited in brackets. Supports brace folding, tag folding, indent folding and multi-line comment folding
PHP Syntax Hint1.1.6263404
PHP Syntax Hint is a plugin for Brackets, which will help you alot in writing php SYNTAX, MYSQL Queries as this will auto suggest Syntax while coding, within Brackets software. The best part of it is that if you want to write some words again and again, just go to Help > Show Extensions Folder. Once folder opens up, open folder user > brackets-php-syntax-hint. There you will get php-syntax.txt, open that file and go on adding syntax and words you require and reload Brackets to enjoy writing codes(words you have added). They will appear in the dropdown as HINT, press ENTER and it's done.
Adds JSHint support to Brackets.
Format JavaScript, HTML, and CSS files
Documents Toolbar0.5.22197815
Adds toolbar with tabs of open documents on the top of the editor. Now with split view support!
Brackets Outline List1.4.1186687
Displays a list of the functions or definitions in the currently opened document. Works with CSS, CoffeeScript, HTML, Haxe, Jade, JavaScript, JSX, LESS, Markdown, PHP, Python, Ruby, SCSS, SVG, Stylus, and XML.
HTML Skeleton1.4.3182799
Easily insert a variety of HTML elements into your document.
HTML Templates1.3.5170821
Inserts HTML from a pre-made list of templates.
Lorem Ipsum1.2.1156502
Generates Lorem Ipsum text automatically in any Brackets document.
Monokai Dark Soda1.0.9152423
Dark theme based on Dark Soda and Monokai color schemes.
PHP SmartHints1.2.2149282
Provides code hints for PHP files including PHP keywords, built-in functions, constants and variables. Also provides hinting for variables in the current open PHP document. Note that this is a continuation of the former [PHP-SIG] Brackets-PHP-SmartHints and not a new extension or fork. The Brackets Registry flags it as a new extension if you change the name (makes sense).
HTML Format1.0.2140355
Adds a menubar of HTML tags to be inserted into an HTML document. Each HTML tag can be given a customizable keyboard shortcut. Add bold/italic/underline to right-click menu. Many more features available.
Extensions Rating0.7.6139910
Shows extension's download count(daily, overall, average and per version) and GitHub stats(stars and forks). Find most usable and popular extensions for Brackets via badges system! Sort extensions and find themes!
Adds HTMLHint support to Brackets.
Inline short documentation for JavaScript functions, including a summary,syntax and parameters. Docs for jQuery,NodeJS and some basic ReactJS functions.
Adds CSSLint support to Brackets.
The minimap shows a smaller version of your code at the right of the screen. It can be used to quickly scroll to a certain part of your file. This is a fork of brackets-wdminimap by Brian Adams (
Brackets Css Color Preview0.0.7122391
preview the colors within css file
CodeMirror and custom themes in Brackets
Display all TODO comments in current document or project.
Markdown Preview1.0.11116747
Live preview of markdown documents
Autosave Files on Window Blur1.0.6115878
Autosave all open files when switching applications, in the style of PHPStorm/WebStorm.
New Moon2.3.0114801
New Moon Theme for Brackets. A beautiful, middle-contrast dark theme optimized for front and back end development. Your new favorite theme.
Show colors you used in your CSS file before as code hints.
Bootstrap Skeleton0.2.0113812
Add a Bootstrap Skeleton to your page.
Upload changed files in your project to a server via SFTP(SCP)/FTP, you have total control over which to upload through the changed files panel. Contributors: danielkratz, mhentgesarrow, dedo1911, swengmatt, M1szelek, dennistobar, zarnivoop, Antoine SARRAZIN, marioletta, elvis-pereira
Brackets Wordpress Hint3.2.3111871
Brackets Wordpress Hint - plugin for Brackets, which will help you in writing Wordpress Themes/Plugins (WooCommerce, ACF included)
LESS AutoCompile1.1.10109034
Automatically compiles less files upon saving.
Brackets Snippets (by edc)1.8.1108840
Imitate Sublime Text's behavior of snippets, and bring it to Brackets.
Inline short documentation for PHP functions, including a summary, syntax, return values and parameters.
HTML Designer for Brackets2.0.6105798
NOW WITH RESPONSIVE DESIGN TOOLS (BETA)! Design and customize web ui with HTML and CSS. Now with taggable Design snippet/bookmark support.
Brackets File Icons1.3.1104711
File icons in Brackets' file tree.
Re-indent a document using your current indentation settings.
Brackets Tree Icons2.0.0103468
File & folder icons in Brackets' file tree.
JS CSS Minifier3.0.0103271
Easily minify single files or all files in a project. Also includes concatenation features as well as auto-minification on save.
Color Highlighter1.2.2101066
Color highlighter for CSS, LESS, SCSS, SASS and Stylus
Brackets Beautify1.0.298742
Format JavaScript, HTML, and CSS files and related languages. This is a fork of drewhamlett's Beautify extension using the latest version (1.5.10) of the js-beautify library.
This dark theme is based on the monokai color scheme from Sublime Text.
Brackets Color Picker0.1.397864
This extension activates color picker for brackets, when you type 'color:' in brackets color picker will be appeared in editor.
AngularJS for Brackets1.1.297115
AngularJS extension for Brackets by the AngularUI team
AngularJS Code Hints0.0.391200
Extend Brackets HTML code hints and collif's Brackets-HTML5CodeHints with AngularJS elements like ng-include, ng-view and attributes such as ng-class, ng-controller, ng-app
Generates JSDoc,PHPDoc annotations for your functions.
Special Html Characters1.2.688412
The Inline editing context menu will get an additional option to bring up a menu of common Special HTML characters to insert of the cursors position (e.g. Copyright, Trademark, Non-breaking space).
FTP-Sync Plus2.0.488001
FTP/SFTP upload for Brackets
PHP Code Quality Tools0.1.1187076
Analyze and lint PHP using several code analysis tools. Please note that this extension needs PHP to be installed on your machine to work properly.
Interactive Linter1.0.584671
Interactive linting for Brackets
Open In Browser4.1.381967
Open the contents of your current view/tab in a web browser or app default.
Brackets CSS Class Code hint0.2.181214
Simple CSS Class & ID code hint
HTML Wrapper1.2.076724
Format <ul>, <ol>, <nav>, <select> and <tr> children tags with a single command. NOW with improved performance.
Autosave every edit!1.1.675178
Saves your work as you type (automagically!). No need to press commands or switch windows. Perfect for file watchers
Quick Search1.1.473843
Automatically highlights occurrences of the selected word (like Notepad++ smart highlighting)
More HTML5 Code Hints1.2.172406
Extends HTML code hints with more HTML5 elements and attributes such as picture, srcset, inputmode as well as HTML4 elements such as cellpadding, cellspacing and iframe
Minifies your CSS and JavaScript files with YUI and JSMin.
NodeJS integration1.8.1768284
Use 'brackets-npm-registry' to install. NodeJS integration is Nodejs, mocha, npm and gulp runner with interactive debugger and RequireJS improvements.
Color The Tag Name5.0.1365960
Color the tag name. You can make your original CSS.
Convert HTML into CSS/SCSS/LESS by pasting HTML blocks into CSS/SCSS/LESS file. NOW with improved performance.
Adobe Edge Web Fonts0.1.764927
Adobe Edge Web Fonts gives you access to a free, high-quality web font library made possible by contributions from Adobe, Google, and designers around the world. The fonts are served by Typekit, so you can be sure of high performance and stability.
Visual Studio Dark1.1.564749
Visual Studio Dark theme for Brackets. Has language specific syntax colouring by using addModeClass=true.
Theseus for Brackets0.4.1964146
Real-time & retroactive debugging for JavaScript in Chrome and Node.js
ACB Bootstrap Snippets0.0.1463110
A collection of Bootstrap snippets for Brackets (Now with 601 bs3 commands including media query default sizes and Jasny Bootstrap!!!)
Node.js bindings1.4.262269
Execute node scripts and common npm commands inside Brackets.
Insert form elements quickly
Brackets Link File2.3.259958
New: jsDelivr API 2. Easily link your files (PHP, JavaScript, CSS, images, audio, video, fonts) into the focused document (HTML, PHP, CSS). It allows to copy several files in one time to any project folder or download from CDN and get them tagged automatically.
Paste and Indent0.2.059661
Automatically apply the correct indentation to pasted text
More CSS Code Hints1.2.059581
Extends CSS code hints with more attributes; image-rendering, touch-action, will-change, tab-size, clip-path, user-select and more
The DarkSoda is a Theme for Brackets!
Display Shortcuts1.3.558138
Display current shortcuts in a bottom panel that can be sorted and filtered. Add and disable shortcuts from context menu.
Get hints for jQuery selectors in JS,HTML and CSS
Integrated Development0.5.5956975
This extension provides Brackets with integrated development capabilities like compiling, error line markers, and debugging support. Currently works with PHP, Python, Ruby, Perl, Dlang and JavaScript(Node)! New: supports autocompiling (see readme)
[3.0]Execute,Lorem ipsum, Break Line, Recent Files.Change(Case, Quote, Slash, Tab, Encoding), Sort, (Un)Tag, Clipboard, Internet, (Minify, traceur, sass, compass), Text Replace, Extrators, JSLint Global, JsDoc. Text Transforms(Reverse, UpperCase, LowerCase, Capitalize, CamelCase, HtmlEncode, HtmlDecode, UrlEncode, UrlDecode, Join, Split, Number, Trim Leading, Trim Trailing, Sort Ascending, Sort Descending, Remove Duplicates, Remove Empty Lines, Unix To Win, Win To Unix, Single Quote To Double, Double To Single Quote, Toggle Quote, Single Slash To Double, Double To Single Slash, rgb-hex, Markdown Trim Trailing, Function JSDoc, Tag, Untag, Numbering).Clipboard(Copy Filename, Copy Fullname, Regnize, ExtratortoIX, Html Report).ReplacetoIX(Replace including Words only, Selection only, Multiline, Regnize, History).Internet Search(Open Url, Web Search, Browse File).Compiler(scss, js6 [ECMAScript 6], compass)
Pop-up Menu Brackets5.0.055249
A Brackets extension that add additional functionality to Brackets editor right menu like save all, Camel Case, UPPERCASE, lowercase and some functionality from edit menu.
Hint with words in current document. Add autocomplete for PHP, Python, Perl etc.
Dark color scheme based on Dreamweaver CC's Raven theme. Now with better preprocessor support.
Brackets New Project Creator0.4.9851890
Create New Projects without leaving Brackets.
Brackets Terminal0.4.051830
Open a terminal inside Brackets
Brackets Tools0.2.050686
Brackets developer tools extension
Lorem Pixel0.1.649929
Generate placeholder images for every case
Brackets Bower0.2.1349574
Manage your application's front-end dependencies using Bower. You can install and prune dependencies using the bower.json file and configure Bower through .bowerrc. Also, quickly install front-end packages by hitting Ctrl/Cmd-Alt-B, then start typing the name of a package. Once you see the package you want, hit Enter and the package will be installed into your project folder. NOTE: To install some packages, you must have Git installed.
Allow the user to scroll below the document.
The extension allows you to change the font of the editor by choosing from a selection of fonts from Google Fonts.
Brackets Snippets1.1.048584
Provides ability to use code snippets in Brackets.
Brackets Snippets (by zaggino)0.6.247283
Snippets extension for Brackets
Generates CodeHints/Colorpalettes from importing via LESS/SASS Files, Images (Colorpicker) or Adobe Swatchfiles (*.aco, *.ase)
Beautify JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and more
Creates a simple way to download JavaScript libraries to your projects.
Show Whitespace2.0.145036
Visualizes whitespace similar to how Sublime Text does it
Brackets Synapse1.2.9044928
Brackets extension for file sync between local and remote via FTP, Connect to server via SFTP protocol is now available. Show Release Note:
Shizimily Multi-Encoding for Brackets0.0.844354
Read and write the non UTF-8 encoding (Shift_JIS, GB18030, EUC-KR, European, UTF-16, etc) file by Brackets. (Decode and encode by iconv-lite)
Tab tags1.0.944131
Indents HTML/XML tags and JS & PHP parentheses.
Adds a panel that renders data.
WD Minimap2.2.343985
The minimap shows a smaller version of your code at the right of the screen. It can be used to quickly scroll to a certain part of your file.
Quick Dark1.1.643888
A dark theme (based on Easy Dark) that makes your code pretty and readable.