Brackets Beautify

by Jan Pilzer for brackets >=1.3.0 
Format JavaScript, HTML, and CSS files and related languages. This is a fork of drewhamlett's Beautify extension using the latest version (1.5.10) of the js-beautify library.
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# Brackets Beautify [Brackets]( Extension that formats open HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files using [js-beautify]( version [1.5.10]( This is a fork of [drewhamlett]('s [brackets-beautify]( extension that I have created due to the disappointing maintenance of the original. ## Installation ### Latest Release To install the latest _release_ of this extension use the built-in Brackets [Extension Manager]( which downloads the extension from the [extension registry]( ### Latest Commit To install the latest _commit_ of this extension use the built-in Brackets [Extension Manager]( which has a function to `Install from URL...` using this link: ## Usage Brackets Beautify can be run manually on the whole file or on a selection. Use the menu entry `Edit > Beautify`, the context-menu entry `Beautify`, or one of the keyboard shortcuts `Ctrl-Alt-B` (Windows/Linux), `Ctrl-Shift-L` (Windows), `Cmd-Shift-L` (Mac), or [define your own]( Alternatively it can be enabled to run automatically on save. Use the menu entry `Edit > Beautify on save` or the more [advanced settings]( to activate. ### Configuration #### Beautifier Options Brackets Beautify supports the same [options]( as [js-beautify]( with the exception of indentation-based options (`indent_size`, `indent_char`, and `indent_with_tabs`) which are taking from the current settings in Brackets. The options can be specified in a `.jsbeautifyrc` file on project level. The default is defined in `default.jsbeautifyrc` and looks like this: ```json { "js": { "eol": "\n", "indent_level": 0, "preserve_newlines": true, "max_preserve_newlines": 10, "jslint_happy": true, "space_after_anon_function": true, "brace_style": "collapse", "keep_array_indentation": true, "keep_function_indentation": false, "space_before_conditional": true, "break_chained_methods": false, "eval_code": false, "unescape_strings": false, "wrap_line_length": 0, "wrap_attributes": "auto", "end_with_newline": true }, "css": { "eol": "\n", "end_with_newline": true, "selector_separator_newline": true, "newline_between_rules": true }, "html": { "eol": "\n", "end_with_newline": true, "preserve_newlines": true, "max_preserve_newlines": 10, "indent_inner_html": false, "brace_style": "collapse", "indent_scripts": "normal", "wrap_line_length": 0, "wrap_attributes": "auto" } } ``` #### File Options for Beautify on Save Brackets Beautify leverages [Brackets preferences](, which means that you can specify per project settings by defining a `.brackets.json` in the root directory of your project. With Brackets preferences you can even define per file settings, which is really handy when dealing with third party libraries or minified resources. Brackets Beautify also support per language settings, which enables you to enable/disabled `Beautify on save` for your documents using the Brackets language layer. The sample `.brackets.json` below generally enables `Beautify on save` and disables it for any JavaScript file in `thirdparty`, any JavaScript file whose filename contains `min` and any PHP file. ```json { "hirse.beautify.onSave": true, "path": { "thirdparty/**.js": { "hirse.beautify.onSave": false }, "**min**.js": { "hirse.beautify.onSave": false } }, "language": { "php": { "hirse.beautify.onSave": false } } } ``` #### User Key Map for Beautify Open the `keymap.json` with the menu entry `Debug > Open User Key Map` and add an _overrides_ entry. For example: ```js { "documentation": "", "overrides": { "Ctrl-Alt-F": "hirse.beautify.beautify" } } ``` ## Issues Brackets Beautify uses [js-beautify]( to beautify files and is therefore limited to its capabilities. For any issues concerning the actual formatting please refer to the [js-beautify issues]( ## License Brackets Beautify is licensed under the [MIT license]( The original [brackets-beautify]( and [js-beautify]( are also licensed under the MIT license.